Regular Oral Care

We perform a complete oral health assessment for every patient, which includes a thorough oral exam and dental radiographs, before treatment. Regular oral care visits are recommended for all horses annually, in order to detect and treat dental disease before it becomes severe.

Horses that have certain types of dental disease may be seen more often (eg: twice yearly) to monitor and manage their oral health.

Some horses in competition benefit from reducing enamel points (floating) more often than annually, so that they have optimal comfort in the bridle.

Book an appointment: To book your regular oral care or "float" please email us at and we will get in touch to make an appointment. Please note that we provide dental care to horses across Ontario. For such long travel times to be feasible, appointments for fewer than 5 equines and minor procedures must be scheduled on a day that we are already traveling to your area. Generally we are booking 4-8 wks out.